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“Bree is magnificent. I love the level at which she pushed me to think musically and lyrically.”



“I always love working with Bree because of how she makes me think about the singing mechanism. When I sing the right way, I immediately know how I did it because of how she makes me focus on how my body felt.”

Bree is a scholar and innovator in community opera advocacy, where her performance expertise informs her leadership in shaping the next generation of musicians. She is founder and former general director of Stafford Opera Troupe in her hometown of Stafford, Virginia; there she created the Summer Opera Program offering free training and performance opportunities to young singers.

*All testimonials are from anonymous evaluations by Bree’s students.

Dr. Bree Nichols is a Dallas-based voice teacher who seeks to elevate vocal excellence for classical singers in an environment of encouragement and inspiration. She is a Fulbright recipient and a Presser awardee, holding a Doctor of Musical Arts degree from the University of North Texas and a Master of Music degree from University of Georgia.

Bree has presented vocal masterclasses in the U.S. and abroad in the Czech Republic and Madagascar. She maintained a voice studio as a Teaching Fellow at the University of North Texas from 2018–2021, in addition to teaching courses in voice and vocal diction at University of Georgia and Appalachian State University. She now maintains a private voice studio in the Dallas–Fort Worth–Arlington Metroplex in Texas as well as collaborating virtually.

“Bree is a demanding but encouraging teacher and mentor. She has a seemingly magical insight into vocal problems and chooses warm-ups strategically to address those problems. She has dramatically improved my confidence as a singer. She is clear, organized, a good communicator, passionate about her craft, and invested in her students.”

In addition to her qualifications in voice, Bree has studied linguistics, with a special focus on phonetics. She has a passion for lyric diction and helping her singers find greater expressivity and interpretive depth through language. She has coached singers not only in Czech lyric diction, but also Italian, German, French, Spanish, and English. 



“I’ve learned so much about my voice and how to best utilize my instrument.”

“Bree’s dedication to you as an individual shows when she places her expectations high so that you are constantly progressing.”

“Bree Nichols is a fantastic teacher. She not only has vast knowledge and can demonstrate concepts clearly, but she also made a totally new instrument fun and approachable. I’m also very thankful for feeling welcomed and validated in a challenging new thing.”


“I have grown so much in my vocal technique and the music we chose has really helped me to challenge myself and become more comfortable.”

“Bree! You are such a great and supportive voice teacher and I don't know how I got lucky enough to have you! You are so patient with me, you let me talk and actively try to understand what I say, let me tell you my trouble spots and help me improve them, and always have multiple ways to help me understand a concept. You never give up on me...
Thank you so so much!”

“I have learned so much from Bree that I will bring with me for the rest of my life.”

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